We Robot

The world is becoming more and more technologized and we rely on technology more than ever. We have our social circles on our smathphones that can guide us to places by touching the glass touchscreen just like it was envisioned in StarTrek a few decades ago. Technology also helps us get better and aid our body by replacing missing limbs. How beautiful this is?  The new technological hype of our days is the quest for creating/elaborating artificial intelligence (AI). Is that going to serve us, is it not?

Guns and BigBrother

Worlds has gone crazy my friends. When I say “crazy” it is as crazy as it gets. I mean, look at people hurting each other. The other day it was this mass shooting in Las Vegas where 59, or so, people were shot dead and other hundreds were injured. Then again, I saw a video about this Chinese BigBrother called Skynet, which is a software designed to recognize and identify every face or vehicle that the dense street-camera network is capturing.