Here at Look2Ways we raise questions and look to more directions life can be.

Here we observe, question, answer, process and make a change for a more compassionate world community.

By visiting this blog, I hope, you will experience and find a sense of openness that will enable you to see your life and the life is surrounding you from a more compassionate perspective.

Eventually, I hope that you will start making your choices and living your life through compassion.

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About Andrei

1011342_652555674773390_1831837253_nHello there! I am Andrei, a nature lover, a free thinker, environmentalist, small farmer, traveler and a believer that we have the power to make the world a better place.

Looking around me I see every day how people just forget that they are the creators of their own realities and they, unconsciously, fight one another. Sons and daughters fight with their parents, farmers fight nature, ill persons fight their illnesses, we all fight what it has been given to us. I am one of these people who had done many of these fights and I have always lost. I lost because I did not understand what Life is about. It is my time to give back what I have learned along the way.

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