The world  and the WWW world is having enough egoistic nonsense!

In a nutshell, on this website you will find articles that envision ideas, new perspectives into all aspects of life, emphatic thinking, openness, neutrality, compassion. What you will not find here is violent behavior, radicality, extreme judgement, egoistic driven thinking. At look2ways.com we do not search to be nice or less nice, we want to share and show what it is there in front of our eyes and we (as a society) cannot see, as it is! So we will ask questions, and we will leave the answer for you to find.

To be able to stay neutral and still be able to make a powerful positive change in this world is an art. This art is attempted to be cultivated.

Our vision is a world society that takes responsibility and looks at all aspects and implications of their decisions. We dream of a world society that respects one another and the other living beings, no matter it is a bacteria, monkey or a plant on their farmland. We dream of an emphatic world where we could see that we are all brothers and sisters.

We cannot make you see life as a connection, therefore, through our mission this website will attempt to make you curious to look for it by yourself. We will do that by raising question marks, facilitate different views, challenge the so-called “status-quo”, teach and learn together with you how we could raise the quality of our world.

The aim we set is to bring more awareness into the society and reduce the high levels of ignorance that had found its kingdom in the world. We will do this together with you, through examples, open discussions and personal thoughts and experiences. If at least one human being wakes up and starts living in compassion due to this website’s content, it is considered that we have reached our aim.

We don’t want you to believe what we say, we want you to start questioning, because throughout questions you will find the way to compassion. Question everything and do not judge! Some answers will come to you in a flash of a second, others in years. And it is hard…but please….do not stop questioning!

If you like what you find here and you would like to contribute, please go to the contact form and make yourself heard.

About admin

1011342_652555674773390_1831837253_nHello there! I am Andrei, a nature lover, a free thinker, environmentalist, farmer, traveler and a believer that we have the power to make the world a better place.

Looking around me I see every day how people just forget that they are the creators of their own realities and they, unconsciously, fight one another. Sons and daughters fight with their parents, farmers fight nature, ill persons fight their illnesses, we all fight what it has been given to us. I am one of these people who had done many of these fights and I have always lost. I lost because I did not understand what Life is about. It is my time to give back what I have learned along the way.

If you would like to know more about me, check my LinkedIn profile here.