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The world is becoming more and more technologized and we rely on technology more than ever. We have our social circles on our smartphones that can guide us to places by touching the glass touchscreen just like it was envisioned in Star Trek a few decades ago. Technology also helps us get better and aid our body by replacing missing limbs. How beautiful this is?

The new technological hype of our days is the quest for creating/elaborating artificial intelligence (AI). Is that going to serve us, is it not?…..I don’t know, we well see. But before we ask more questions, let’s find the meaning of this new concept in technology.

artificial intelligence
Credit to Google.com

Now, from my perspective, and my own understanding I am saying that exploring AI is natural curiosity. And we should definitely do it, given that we (as bodies) are biological machines that obey the laws of physics and with the use of our senses we make decisions (as minds). So, in a sense, are we looking to reverse engineer our own bodies and minds? But what about the other component of us? What about the soul? Can we reverse engineer that too? Do we understand what we truly are? Do we understand our soul and the feelings we feel? Do we understand how our soul works together with our body and our mind? And if we do, should we give soul and feeling to a robot? That would make us gods, isn’t it? Then, if we don’t, why are we playing in open society with something we do not understand?

As you probably know (and if you don’t then you will find out now), Saudi Arabia has given citizenship to the first robot, Sophia. You can see the video of that moment by clicking here. Why would we need robots that understand people and make people feel loved (?), as David Hanson, the CEO of Hanson Robotics who created Sophia said. Aren’t we here 7 billion+ humans on this Planet? What is it there missing that we need robots to care for us? Are we unable to care for each other? What stays in our way to care for each other? Why not giving to our children an education that would enable them to care for the ones in their lives?

What does this action want to tell us? Well, it depends from where you’re looking at it, of course. To me it appears that this action is the seeding of a seed. A seed that if it sprouts and grows uncontrolled it can have dramatic consequences on our society and us as individuals. I would say we pause for a moment, take a step back, look at the big picture and see what we can do without a robot to give us a false sense of being cared of.

What is this robot, Sophia? It is a piece of fine technological engineering that projects someone else’s thoughts and intelligence. Can it learn by itself? Perhaps, with great limitations. Well, in this instance, why we wouldn’t give Sophia something else to do? Instead of seducing people why wouldn’t it go and care for people by saving victims of disasters and other situations where humans would be at great risk? It can learn by itself to some extent so why wouldn’t it work in a mine in Africa or in a garbage recycling center anywhere? Why seducing instead of being useful to society?

What if  we learn of who we are and help each other go through hard times so we don’t need a robot to give us a false thought of security for our feelings?

If you would like to feed your curiosity with more artificial intelligence, then follow this Wikipedia link.

Maybe I am missing some points here, from this perspective. It would be great if you would share your perspective so we can learn more.

*Fetured image credit pixabay.com, user Gerd Altmann.

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