Guns and BigBrother

Worlds has gone crazy my friends. When I say “crazy” it is as crazy as it gets. I mean, look at people hurting each other. The other day it was this mass shooting in Las Vegas where 59, or so, people were shot dead and other hundreds were injured. What’s going on? I mean, who in his right head faculties would do something like this? And another question, WHY? For what reason? What is the benefit of doing such a thing? Who is to benefit from it? Is this meant to scare and divide us? Then, how the hack someone is legally allowed to own so many guns? Why would you need so many guns? Why would you need a gun in the first place? For me, a gun is useful for when you go hunting for deer and wild bores in the woods, that would be the appropriate use of a killing machine (perhaps, if I push it to the extreme, my extreme). There are many questions to be answered regarding this incident and who knows how it will develop. I just hope that people will learn that guns aren’t doing any good. Look at Europe, where someone who wants to have a gun needs to prove reason and pass a few tests to get a license. No wonder so many people are shooting each other in US since everyone is allowed to buy guns from the gun store like they would buy milk from Walmart. Now, after a few days it seems that it has become one of the most discussed topics in USA. What is this event meant to achieve? Is it going to give people the feeling of insecurity and buy more guns or it is going to start a gun prohibition in USA? How this prohibition is going to turn out?

Then again, I saw a video (click here to see it or google for “China Skynet”) about this Chinese BigBrother called Skynet, which is a software designed to recognize and identify every face or vehicle that the dense street-camera network is capturing. I would say that this is an abuse of technology and people’s rights to privacy. You know China, they have all this blockage on Facebook, Skype, Google. Why? Well…it’s simple. The more you know about how the system works, the more dangerous to the system you become (if you’re not “dancing” on their “music” they come and make you “dance”). So, apparently there were people who were intentionally harassed by the Chinese Government because they did not “dance” the “right dance” (source). How is this going to help the society? How is this going to benefit Chinese’s people peace of mind and heart? Is this going to reduce crime and anxiety? I’m telling you, I wouldn’t feel any safer, actually I would feel more anxious and I would be worried. Is this world society silently accepting to be imprisoned and deprived of free expression of feelings? Why don’t you start educating people to think for themselves instead of attempting to control them through your “education” system (this is valid for most of the world’s “education systems”). Btw, see here what is Ken Robinson saying about the world education systems. You’ll like the Ted talk!

What’s gonna be next? Drones following us home and spying on us because we “look suspect”? What’s wrong with people? Why can’t they give kindness and compassion a chance?

This is for the first post of this blog!

And my message to you. Think for yourself and ask questions even though they do not find an answer immediately, at some point the answer will come to you. You will see.

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